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A UCC liens filing, or a UCC filing, allows small business owners to obtain loans in exchange for having a lien placed by the lender on equipment and/or business assets. Under the Uniform Commercial Code—where the “UCC” in “UCC liens filing” comes from—UCC filing is a fairly uniform practice from state to state. In any case, if you are a small business owner who has received notice from a creditor of the creditor’s interest or right to property under a UCC-1 lien, the aforementioned property/assets could be seized to pay off your debts in the event that you file for bankruptcy or default on your loan.

At Jacovetti Law, P.C., we assist clients with a variety of issues related to UCC liens filings. Our firm exclusively represents business owners in UCC filing matters; we are committed to protecting the interests of small business owners in the state of New York and beyond.

To speak to a New York UCC lien filing attorney, contact Jacovetti Law, P.C. at (516) 217-4488. We offer free 30-minute initial consultations, as well as payment plans for those who qualify.

What Assets Can a Lender Place a UCC Filing On?

In general, a lender is permitted to place a UCC lien filing on a wide range of personal and/or business properties and assets.

These typically include:

  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Inventory
  • Commercial operating equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Receivables
  • Investment securities
  • Promissory notes
  • Letters of credit

While this represents a general overview of the types of properties and assets a lender may place a UCC filing on, there will be variations from state to state. To learn more about the types of assets a lender can place a UCC lien filing on in the state of New York, contact our New York UCC filing attorney today.

Issues with UCC Lien Filings

Many business owners do not realize that they should continue to keep track of any UCC filings their lenders may have placed on business properties/assets, whether or not they are current. This is due to the fact that, even when a loan has been paid in full, the lender may not automatically end the UCC lien filing. This can, in turn, lead to problems when the business owner is attempting to secure additional loans or make arrangements with other lenders. Ultimately, this could affect your ability to secure much-needed small business financial funding.

If you are dealing with UCC lien filing issues, including poorly structured filings, Jacovetti Law, P.C. can help. Attorney Robert Jacovetti has an in-depth understanding of the law and can help you understand your legal rights and ensure they are protected. We work to provide personalized debt solutions for business owners in New York and throughout the nation.

Call us at (516) 217-4488 or submit an online contact form today to speak with a dedicated UCC filing attorney in New York.

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