What is Creditor Harassment?

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What is Creditor Harassment?

Struggling with debt can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. To make matters worse, creditors often resort to harassing tactics in an attempt to get their money back. This is known as creditor harassment and is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

What Is Creditor Harassment?

Creditor harassment is an umbrella term for all the illegal tactics that creditors employ when attempting to collect a debt. This includes calling or texting multiple times daily, using aggressive language, threatening legal action if payment is not made, or any other form of bullying behavior. Such practices are unlawful and should never be tolerated.

How Can I Stop Creditor Harassment?

The first step in stopping creditor harassment is to recognize that it’s happening and that it’s wrong. Once you have identified you are suffering from creditor harassment, you can start to take steps to address it.


Here are some tips on how to stop creditor harassment:

  • Request written communication only: Ask your creditors to communicate with you solely via mail or email so that their phone calls and texts stop immediately.

  • Keep records: Keep track of all your communications with creditors—including dates, times, and who said what—so that you have evidence of their actions should the need arise.

  • Know your rights: Familiarize yourself with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act so that you know your rights as a consumer when dealing with debt collectors.

  • Report abuse: Report any abusive behavior from creditors to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or other relevant authorities so that they can investigate any wrongdoing and take appropriate action against them if necessary.

  • Seek help from a professional: Consider seeking assistance from a credit counseling service or debt settlement company if needed. Someone experienced in such matters can help protect you from creditor harassment while also helping you resolve your debt situation more favorably than if you had gone it alone.

New York Debt Relief Attorney

Creditor harassment can be a harrowing experience, but it doesn't have to be endured indefinitely. Knowing your rights and taking proactive steps can help protect you from further harm while also working towards resolving your debt situation.

Do you believe you or a loved one is a victim of creditor harassment? Contact our debt relief attorneys today at (516) 217-4488 to schedule a consultation!

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