What Are New York Debt Collection Laws?

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Individuals need to understand federal and state laws regarding debt collections. Believe it or not, debt collectors often violate laws to try to get debtors to pay off their debts. Our New York debt relief attorneys explain what the New York debt collection laws are so that you know how to protect your rights.

New York’s Debt Collection Regulations

Aside from federal laws, New York has its own debt collection regulations to ensure that consumers are protected from creditor harassment. New York has regulations against collection agencies and purchasers of consumer debt. New York requires debt collectors to provide you with certain information either in the initial contact with you or five days after their initial contact.

Below is some of the information that debt collection agencies are required by state laws to provide you with:

  • Information about your rights as a consumer: The debt collector needs to provide you with a list of activities prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). They also need to tell you which type of income is protected from the collection, if the collector ends up getting a judgment against the debtor.
  • Information about the debt: The debt collection agency also needs to provide you with information about the debt. Such as the amount of the debt, the amount of interest accrued since the debt was sent to collection, the number of fees and charges, and payments you’ve made since.
  • Information regarding the statute of limitations: The collection agency also needs to inform you about the statute of limitations. Some debts are too old to try to collect under the law.

New York Debt Relief Attorneys: Jacovetti Law, P.C.

If a collection agency is trying to collect unpaid debts and you disagree with it, or you think the amount is incorrect, contact our New Your debt relief attorneys. Our team is well-versed in everything from debt settlement and restructuring, to consumer protection and litigation. We are committed to providing honest, effective, and client-focused services. We also have a proven track record that demonstrates we have the skills and experience needed to help you.

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